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Mäckler’s Zoofenster

On January 3rd the "Zoofenster"-tower was inaugurated near the Bahnhof Zoo.

It was designed by the Frankfurt office of Christoph Mäckler. The building is 118 m tall and stands next to the Memorial Church. Originally a tower by Richard Rogers of London was planned here, but later Mäckler got the job: The tower is mainly used by the luxury Waldorf Astoria Hotel (232 hotel rooms, apartments and suites on 14 floors). The tower stands on a triangular plot between Kant-, Hardenberg- and Joachimstaler-Strasse. Its 32 floors make it the tallest building around Breitscheidplatz. The remaining floors are used for offices, retail and restaurants. The base takes on the height of the surrounding six-storey buildings and provides clear street spaces with an emphasis on urban space. The facade is more than 50% stone - the seven-storey glass top crowns the tower. The stone facade of the tower is with its setbacks and horizontally fluted stone forms shadows for a three-dimensional effect.

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