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Radialsystem V

New cultural center inaugurated

A former pumping station along the Holzmarktstraße was turned into a new cultural center called „Radialsystem V“. It was designed by Gerhard Spangenberg and inaugurated in September 2006. The original building dates from 1880 and was one of the first pumping stations along the radial system. Due to the growth of Berlin it was expanded in 1904. The older, western part of the hall was destroyed in World War II and the remains knocked down, leaving the eastern, younger part with a windowless fire wall. Pumping technology went from steam to gas and then Diesel and ultimately Electric Power, until the machinery was worn out. At the turn of the century a new pumping station was built next door. The machinery hall is twelve meters high and contains a chimey- boiler-hall and an apartment. The existing structures were suitable because of its neutral, great interiors. Spangenberg added a foyer, space for exhibitions, conferences and administration. The new addition is a smooth smale-scale building with a glass facade. Because it stands on stilts it shows the line between old and new. By the riverside an urban loggia is intended for partys by the river.

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[Translate to english:] Radialsystem V